Never Summer Proto Synthesis Women's 2023 + Union Trilogy 2023 - Women's Package

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Never Summer Proto Synthesis Women's 2023 

The Women’s ProtoSynthesis is exactly your type. With the energy stored in this board, an explosion of positivity has been unleashed on women’s snowboarding. Featuring Shockwave Rocker Camber, this board is a complete change of pace. You’ll get more power and performance than any other board, combined with the forgiveness of Rocker Camber. On the preeminent women’s all mountain twin you’ll always get back twice as much as you give. Simply put, you’ll just ride better.

Union Trilogy 2023

From backcountry lines, to Olympic slopestyle runs, to cruising her home resort at Tahoe, there is only one binding that Jamie Anderson trusts when she straps in.