2025 Never Summer Early Release Snowboards

2025 Never Summer Early Release Snowboards

Never Summer drops an updated camber profile to a classic best seller and a new twist on a 2024 top seller. Introducing the V-Twin and Proto Ultra Recurve Triple Camber!

Never Summer V-Twin and V-Twin X(Wide version) 2025 Snowboards

The name, V-Twin, pays homage to the Valhalla but this board is not one to remain in the shadows. With Triple Camber Edge Tech and an immediately eye-catching shape, there’s so much more to the V-Twin than your average all mountain board. Confident and comfortable in any terrain or any conditions, the V-Twin sets itself apart. Extremely energetic and super responsive, the V-Twin will help you go faster, edge quicker and harder, hold an edge better and longer, boost higher and farther and push you into new and excitingly varied terrain. A powerful flex enhanced with Triple Camber Edge Tech, an overall hybrid profile, and extended contact points provides unmatched grip on the iciest, hardest packed runs. Capped off with stylishly durable aluminum tip and tail protectors.The V-Twin is power when you need it, playful when you want it, and can’t help being amazing everywhere and anywhere.

Never Summer V-Twin Snowboard

Never Summer Proto Ultra 2025 Snowboard

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