Arbor Sapling 2024 - Youth Snowboard Bindings

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Color: Tie-Dye
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2024 Arbor Sapling Snowboard Bindings

Mindfully Crafted for the next generation of snowboarders. The brand new Sapling binding brings comfort and performance to sizes 3-7 feet. Arbor has formatted the same quality, comfort, and fit for a smaller foot. Get your groms growing on the right trail to snowboard progression and performance with Arbor’s Sapling binding.

  • Lightweight Single Mold Baseplate
  • 2.5° Canted Footbed  For a more natural foot / knee position, the built-in angle of the baseplate fights fatigue and bad form.
  • Adjustable EVA Footbed
  • Soft
  • Asymmetrical Highbacks  Arbor bindings feature low mounted asymmetrical highbacks with 5° pre-rotation, providing ergonomic feel and freedom of movement.
  • Bow-Strap Adjuster  Arbor's patented "Bow-Strap" adjuster and ladder strap swings out of the way quickly and easily, making binding entry a simple, user-friendly experience. The pre-curved strap steers clear of your boot while maintaining form and durability in even the coldest conditions.
  • Toolless Ankle and Toe Strap Adjustments
  • Textured Stretch Single Durometer Ankle Strap
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Buckles and Levers
Additional Features
  • Universal 4x4 Disc


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