Bent Metal Axtion 2024 - Men's Snowboard Binding

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2024 Bent Metal Axtion Snowboard Bindings

The AXTION is a team driven, performance enhanced all mountain go to. Featuring the responsive Dual Band (Dyadic Construction) ankle strap that fuses flex and power for maximum comfort and response. Add to that a super comfy Grip Form toe strap, a uni-body nylon chassis and a solid asymmetric high back for increased rigidity and you’re looking at top to bottom performance, comfort and reliability all day long. Get some AXTION!

  • Flex Rating  6.5/10 (1=Soft, 10=Stiff)
  • Unibody Chassis / Large Axis Disk  This unibody polymer design absorbs vibration for a smooth ride. It has an adjustable toe ramp and takes the Bent Metal Large Axis Disk, for toe/heel centering.
  • Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate  6/10 stiffness and response.
  • Performance Polymer Asym Solid  This highback cups your boots like no other, providing a rigid and performance-oriented platform. It's reliable and durable, made from a blend of light and strong materials.
  • Dual Band Ankle Strap  This soft power band has a smaller surface area with a large cored compression window. This creates a soft and extra comfortable flex that's great for all-mountain riding.
  • Grip Form Toe Strap  This strap has a secondary flexible panel to form to any boot for maximum grip.
  • Forged Aluminum  Hardened for ultimate strength, these lightweight buckles have a smooth entry and release operation.
Additional Features
  • The Cube  This forward lean adjuster is made with a dual durometer urethane, offering the fastest and easiest adjustments out there. A simple twist chooses from four different angles: 10, 14, 18, and 22 degrees.

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