Bent Metal Stylist 2024 - Women's Snowboard Bindings

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2024 Bent Metal Stylist Snowboard Bindings

 The Stylist is a versatile peak performance binding with lightweight components and a flare for the future. The Dual Band ankle strap is tuned to a soft flex with a forgiving compression window power band for a comfortable fit. A magnesium fiber drive plate, an EVA suspension layer, and a solid nylon asymmetric highback all pair together for reliable all mountain performance. Discover your unique style and embrace your strengths with the Stylist!

  • Flex Rating  6/10 (1=Soft,10=Stiff)
  • Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate | 6/10 Flex  Fiberglass panels in the footbed create specific flex patterns similar to your snowboard for personalized binding response. The dynamic energy of the advanced composites gives you a flex control advantage like no other binding can.
  • Uni-body Chassis  The uni-body polymer design absorbs vibration for a smooth ride. It features adjustable toe ramp and a large axis disk with toe / heel centering in the disk.
  • Performance Polymer Highback  6/10 Flex
  • BMBW Revolutionary Cube  The BMBW Revolutionary Cube is the worlds fastest tool free forward lean adjuster. Simply spin cube for the desired forward lean angle. It’s fool proof. Angle Range: 10°, 14°, 18°, 22°. Easily adjust and experiment while on the hill. Urethane skateboard wheel construction absorbs shock and vibration. Visual indicators let you know angle selected.
  • Grip Form Toe Strap  Features a secondary flexible panel that forms to any boot for maximum grip.
  • Dual Band Ankle Strap Soft  A smaller surface area with a large cored compression window creates a soft and extra comfortable flex great for all mountain riding.
  • Forged Aluminum Buckles  Hardened for ultimate strength. Lightweight with smooth entry and release.


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