Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro Snowboard 2025 - Men's

Size: 151cm
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2025 Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro Snowboard

Fast and powerful, this is the switchblade of powder boards. The redesigned Kazu Kokubo Pro comes in a compact chassis with a powder nose and a slightly tapered tail, making this award-winning series quick and maneuverable. This versatility is perfect for side-country powder mornings that transition to resort riding after you’ve tracked your secret stash. And, while it’s a lofty goal, this board is your first step towards trying to emulate Kazu’s legendary riding style.

Quick and maneuverable, the Kazu Pro’s lightweight power and pop comes from its Panda Hover Core™, CarbonFlax™ Amplifiers and a HolySheet™ Tri/Bi fiberglass configuration. Upgraded for 2025, the Kazu Kokubo Pro is now powered by a tougher Hyper-Drive™ ADV XT base with factory-direct Moonshot Omni-Tune™.

Graphic varies by size. Yellow=Regular Widths, Blue=Wides

  • Resort V3 Profile  The RESORT V3 Profile provides the best of both worlds. It has a raised camber platform through the inserts to retain high-speed edge hold through variable terrain, elevated contact points to land and float in powder, and traditional tip and tail arcs for smoother transitions.

2025 Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro Snowboard Camber Profile

  • Directional Flex
  • Flex Rating  6.5/10 (1=Soft,10=Stiff)
  • Directional Shape
  • Radical Taper  Engineered for deep powder but still versatile around the mountain, this RADIAL sidecut is complemented by a TAPERED TAIL. This narrower tail section naturally sinks in the powder while the wider nose section floats above the snow line. The result is less work and more fun as the board surfs on one smooth continual arc.
  • Panda Hover Core™  Ultra lightweight core enhanced with bamboo power rods for maximum power and response.
  • Amplitech™ V-Tech Amplifier  Amplitex™ is a next-generation natural flax fiber woven with carbon strands that is featured in high-end snowboard constructions. This fusion tape brings the best of two worlds: the reactive energy of carbon and the lightweight and dampening aspects of flax. The two fibers are highly compatible since they have similar properties regarding thermal expansion and failure strain, creating a uniformly flexing reinforcement that's light, snappy and durable all in one.
  • Holysheet™ Fiberglass  The HOLYSHEET™ fiberglass configuration features fiber weaves with a high tensile strength and low modulus of elasticity. With a higher roving count in the same weight of glass, you can have a stronger and more responsive board without adding extra weight. It features Triaxial fiberglass on top of the core and Biaxial fiberglass beneath, creating a perfectly blended ride while increasing strength and durability.
  • Magic Bean Resin  This advanced resin system has a bio-content of 60% renewable, agricultural raw material and is produced with no waste or greenhouse emissions. In production, it has a low-temperature requirement with a high yield output. Poppy, powerful, and extremely durable, MAGIC BEAN™ resin yields much stronger and more rigid qualities allowing a decrease in the wood core thickness. This means you get a lighter board while achieving higher energy return.
  • Full ABS1000 Sidewalls
  • Hyperdrive Adv XT Base - This custom formulated base uses exceptional anti-friction properties due to high molecular mass and specialised processing aids to make a sintered material that is beyond fast and is one of the fastest, meanest and best bases available.
  • Moonshot Omni-Tune - Capita have taken it a step further and given this base a stone grind structure which helps it glide over snow with minimal resistance and is optimized for regular and switch riding.
  • 360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges
  • Skinless™ Core Ash Woodgrain Topsheet  Specially treated pure wood veneer topsheet with a unique tactile feel that is 220gm lighter than the standard process.
  • Multitech™ Level 4 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen  The DEEPSPACE™ Design Theory takes advantage of the thickness of a transparent topsheet. Strategically layering ink on multiple levels from the top and the bottom imbues graphics with a sense of life through depth.
  • Sublimation Base Graphic
  • Stainless Steel 2 x 4 Inserts
Length (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Waist (mm) Nose / Tail (cm) Sidecut (m) Ref Stance (In) Weight Range (lb)
151 1170 251 29.6 / 28.9 8.00 21 100-150
154 1206 253 30.0 / 29.2 8.20 21 100-160
157 1222 255 30.4 / 29.5 8.40 22 130-190
160 1254 257 30.7 / 29.7 8.60 23 140-200+
155 Wide 1214 263 31.0 / 30.2 8.3 22 110-170
158 Wide 1244 265 31.4 / 30.6 8.5 22 130-190
161 Wide 1262 267 31.6 / 30.8 8.7 23 150-210+


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