Dakine Brass Tuning Brush

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The Nylon/Cork Brush combines two of the handiest items for on-the-go tuning of your skis or snowboard. The nylon-bristled brush is great for brushing your base clean before waxing, and brushing it smooth after waxing. The softness of the nylon makes it easy to carry in a pocket, and comfortable against your palm when using the cork on the reverse side to smooth and buff newly-applied wax. This will be the hardest-working piece in your tuning kit.


3.5" x 1.5" (8 x 3.5 cm) Working Area on Brush

4" x 2" (10 x 5 cm) Cork


Multi-Use Nylon Tuning Brush with Cork

Use Brush to Clean Base Before Waxing and Expose Structure After Waxing

Cork After Using Rub on Wax or in Extreme Cold Snow

Brush Uses – Always use brush in the same direction. Work from tip to tail. Use before waxing to clean base. Use after waxing to expose base structure.

Cork Uses – Use after applying rub-on wax. Cork smooths and creates friction to help wax deeper into base pores. Finish by brushing. Cork can also be used to apply powdered race waxes.

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