Flux DS 2024 - Men's Snowboard Bindings

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2024 Flux DS Snowboard Bindings

The almighty DS, adaptable to any condition, has been renewed. Conquer everything from terrain parks, powder, and Ninja Tricks!

  • Flex Rating (1=Soft,10=Stiff) – 6/10
  • Super Ultima Base – FLUX’s new generation standard equipped with a stabilizer that converts power transmission into repulsive force to maximize the power of the board.
  • Performance Blend – A nylon and fiberglass mix for all-around performance.
  • Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion – Change to fit foot size to avoid the loss of leverage.
  • Cushion Stabilizers – A large stabilizer that converts flex energy into repulsive force firmly and gently conveys it to the board
  • FooTon Footbed – Designed with a special material to prevent snow buildup and to provide more direct board feel with all the cushion you need.
  • 5Hole Highback Rotation - 5 highback mounting holes that allows rotation at both forward swing angles.
  • Resistor Highback – A newly designed highback that firmly receives movement to the outside of the stance and enables smoother movement to the inside.
  • Super Tough Nylon – A fiber mix with a medium flex that is perfect for all mountain riding.
  • Micro Adjuster – 2.5° adjustment increments for the forward lean adjustments.
  • Slide Plate - A material with low friction is placed so as not to interfere with the lateral flex of the boot.
  • Waffle Strap – The new Waffle Strap is built to achieve next level response with two-layer construction focused on direct power transfer and a seamless fit.
  • FTM Versa Toe Strap – Softer material and a better holding top or toe strap option. Designed to fit any boot on the market.
  • L-Guide – For a smooth in and out. Holds ratchet ladders down.
  • UU Fit – A 360° wrap evens out pressure for a natural feel and hold.
  • Beer Buckles – Newly engineered buckles give you more leverage when cranking down on the straps allowing you to get to the last click with minimal effort. Functions as a bottle opener in case of any emergencies.

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