Jones Apollo 2024 - Men's Snowboard Bindings

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2024 Jones Apollo Snowboard Bindings

The Apollo binding is designed for the expert freerider who demands unmatched edge control, response and comfort. What sets the Apollo apart is the Flax Carbon highback that features a wide upper section that locks in your boot top on toe side turns. Matching the ultra responsive highback with SKATETECH technology offers a binding that will react to your every muscle twitch with lightning fast accuracy. The Apollo can be set up in Surf mode or Freeride mode by switching bushings and interchanging Power Spine Ankle Straps between bindings. The wide bottom section of the Power Spine Ankle Strap is softer for enhanced comfort and the center spine is stiffer for ultimate response. The Apollo also features the Hangar 3.0 which is wider for better boot fit and has an expanded bushing footprint for better energy transfer. The Apollo is fitted with our low profile 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps that are slightly stretchy to conform to any boot shape.

  • Flex Rating  Freeride Mode 10/10 (1=Soft,10=Stiff)
  • Flex Rating  Surf Mode 7/10 (1=Soft,10=Stiff)
  • Response Tri-Foam Foot Pillow  Premium full length foam footbed made with three different densities of EVA foam. The heel and toe are soft for max comfort, the center is mid-stiff for precise response and the bottom of the footbed is stiff for solid support.
  • Carbon Reinforced Hanger 3.0  Binding hanger design featuring a wider bushing footprint that’s closer to the edges for enhanced board connection and faster energy transfer. The Hanger 3.0 is also lighter weight and has a lower inner lateral wall for better ankle mobility and high volume boot fit. Nylon reinforced with 30% Recycled Carbon Fiber.
  • Flushcup Technology
  • Asym Flax/Carbon Wide-back  Designed for maximum reponse. Flax/Carbon composite highback with extended width upper section for improved toe-side turn response. Made from Flax and 3K Carbon fiber.
  • Asymmetrical Shape Follows Leg Angles
  • Extended Upper Wing for Improved Turn Response
  • Tool-Less Forward Lean Adjustment
  • Highback Flex  9/10 (1=Soft, 10=Stiff)
  • Power Spine Ankle Straps  Two part molded ankle strap with a wider bottom section for flexible comfort and a stiffer center spine for unmatched response. Flip-It Strap compatible (Surf mode vs Freeride mode).
  • 3D Flex Fit 2.0 Toe Straps  3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps dynamically stretch to fit any shape boot. The new minimalist design is even lower profile and every bit as comfortable, durable and responsive as the original design.
  • Intelligent Straps  Hinge connectors keep your ankle strap out of the way when you step in to strap in, and curved ladders make it easy to line up the buckle and quickly ratchet down.
  • Tool-Less Strap Adjustment
  • Hinge Connector Strap Attachment + Pre-Curved Ladders
  • Asymmetrical Buckles  Bombproof buckles made from aircraft-grade alloy featuring ultra-strong levers and springs. Triple action ratchet design increase speed of entry and release.
Additional Features
  • Freeride Mode  Position the wide half of the strap above the buckle for more lateral support and board response. Use Hard Bushings for maximum response. Hard Bushings available separately.
  • Surf Mode  Position the wide half of the strap below the buckle for solid heel support but more ankle flexibility for getting loose. Use Soft Bushings for a looser, more dynamic surf feel. Soft Bushings included.
  • Skate Tech  The components of the SkateTech design mimic the function of a skateboard truck. The “Hanger” acts as a lever that transfers energy input from the straps to the “Bushings” and onto the board edges. The “Kingpin” acts as the fulcrum for the “Hanger” and magnifies the energy transfer through leverage. Traditional bindings lose energy when the baseplate flexes and bends unevenly. The energy loss forces you to crank your straps tighter and ride with more forward lean to gain the same control. Uneven pressure and tight straps lead to more foot fatigue and pain. By evenly pivoting over the “Post”, the middle of your board flexes more uniformly and your energy inputs are focused directly on your edge. Your feet stay more relaxed and more comfortable because the bindings transfer power to the board with less work.
  • Universal Mounting Disc  Compatible with 4x2, 4x4 and EST/Channel
  • Nylon, Recycled Carbon Post

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