Nitro Team TLS Boots 2025 - Men's

Color: BLACK
Size: 9
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2025 Nitro Team TLS Snowboard Boots

Snowboarding‘s Favorite Boot for a Reason

If you are looking for a comfortable boot that offers a familiar fit but has the support and response backed by the best snowboarders in the world, join the Nitro Pro Team and put on some Team boots. Nitro‘s most celebrated and award-winning snowboard boot - for a good reason. The Nitro Team boot is the go-to boot for snowboarders everywhere, from pros to local heroes, because of its undeniably comfortable fit, versatile flex, and time-proven performance 

  • Flex Rating  8/10 (1=Soft,10=Stiff)
  • Flex Link Design  A flexible panel at the ankle between the upper and lower shell ensures an even-flexing, responsive boot without bulk.
  • Armored Spine  Nitro uses an anatomically-shaped and 3D-molded heel reinforcement to provide even boot flex and long-lasting heel fit.
  • NEW Cloud 9 Liner  Ultra-lightweight pre-molded Thermacell material creates a straight out of the box fit with unstoppable comfort. Nitro's signature latex heel pads provide lifetime heel fit, while the clutch tongue makes boot entry and exit easier.
  • ILS Liner Lacing  The ILS system uses a lacing harness to snugly wrap around the liner and secure it in the shell for a precise fit. Engineered ILS laces provide less friction and have a Dyneema® core for added strength.
  • RE/LACE Liner Locker  From the innovators at Nitro R&D comes the RE/LACE liner locker, providing easy adjustment of your inner boot lacing without having to untie your boot.
  • TLS 5 Twin Lacing System  Easy lace engagement and release combined with the low abrasion of Dyneema laces are key features of this highly reliable zonal lacing system. TLS 5 is also compact and low weight while maintaining the proven reliability of thousands of days on the mountain. If needed, servicing and replacing parts is easier than any other system on the market.
  • Molded TLS Lace Handles  Molded TLS Lace handles provide better grip and comfort for more lacing power.
  • Bail Out System  Designed to make unlacing the TLS system even easier. This pull tab placed in the middle of the TLS lacing system on the outside of the boot allows for effortless unlacing and record breaking speeds for taking your boots off.
  • 45˚ Laceglider  This precision-molded low friction plastic insert is positioned at 45˚ in the ankle area, reducing lace friction and making it even easier to tie up your laces.
  • NEW Ortholite® High Cup Dual Density Footbed - More Support and Cushioning
  • EVA Midsole  Used on all boots with rubber outsoles, the EVA midsole reduces the overall weight and provides cushioning and thermal insulation.
  • Vibram® ECOSTEP™ Outsole  Vibram grip and traction with an eco-friendly approach. The rubber scrap generated by Vibram's production process is recycled to produce their ECOSTEP™ compound, made with up to 50% recycled rubber.
  • Air Dampening  Nitro's trusted AIR suspension technology sucks up the energy from hard landings and keeps your heels from getting bruised without compromising response or control.
  • Therminator Shield  This thermal layer between sole and liner will reflect your body heat and keep your feet warm all day.

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