Oneball Snowboard And Ski Tuning Bench Clamps

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OneBall Snowboard And Ski Tuning Bench Clamps

Snowboard and Ski Tuning Bench Clamps made of durable, ridged, injected plastic and steel reinforced.

  • Three-way board and ski positioning design to get the base, side edge, and a 45º degree slot to help get the edges at the right angle for sharpening.
  • Rubber grip pads keeps the board and skis in place.
  • Rubber grip pads on the bottom as well to reduce slip when waxing/tuning.
  • Metal tightening hardware.
  • Now has built in bottle opener!

Size: Top width 9" 

Clamp will adjust to attach Bench Clamps to surfaces up to 2.36inch (60mm) thick

Sold in: Pair (2 pcs per set) in custom box

Color: Blue


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