Rome Agent Pro 2024 - Men's Snowboard

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Size: 151cm
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2024 Rome Agent Pro Snowboard

The Agent Pro is the top shelf version of one of the best freestyle snowboards on the market, the Rome Agent. Updated to the new SuperPop core with Carbon Omega Hotrods, the SinterSpeed Base and equipped with Flax Walls, now the Agent Pro feels better than ever underfoot. A lighter, snappier core allows for more powerful ollies and responsive carves without feeling the chatter underfoot when you are sliding along as high speeds. Known to be able to handle whatever is in its way, the all new Agent Pro is sure to be a surefire hit all over the mountain this season.

Camber Profile

Fusion Camber  Positive camber through most of the running length with a small amount of rocker just before the contact points.


Flex Rating  7/10 (1=Soft, 10=Stiff)


Double Kick  Double Kick is an aggressive two-part rise in the boards nose or tail, built for increased pressability and better landings.

True Twin  Boards built with fully symmetrical specs; sidecuts, flex patterns, camber profiles and nose and tail lengths. True twin boards are great for riding switch.


SuperPop Core - The SuperPop core is the lightest and most responsive core, built with alternating strips of 10mm wide Poplar and 20mm wide Paulownia.

Twin Single Carbon Omega Hotrod - Carbon Hotrods are thin rods of carbon milled into the boards core, giving the board a pressable and playful feeling. These carbon rods are placed in Omega Carbon housing, which provides additional power and responsiveness. This configuration inlays a rod in the centerline of the board in the nose and tail, maintaining a pressable yet poppy board personality.

Flax Walls - This sidewall reinforcement is made of natural, low density material that is used to strengthen the sidewall of boards. When used vertically between the core and sidewall you get increased rigidity and stability.

Flax Impact Plates - These full woven flax constructed plates covers and reinforces the insert pack and are designed to make the boards more durable. Flax Impact Plates help absorb impact and add increased strength without changing the boards flex pattern.


Biax Glass  Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be torsionally more playful and pressable.


SinterSpeed Base - The SinterSpeed base is the premium sintered base, built for high performance and high speeds.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Inserts

Board Size Chart
Size (cm) 148 151 154 155W 157 158W 160 161W
Effective Edge (mm) 1136.4 1164 1191.6 1200 1219.2 1228.4 1246.8 1256
Waist Width (mm) 249.6 251.3 252.9 263.5 254.6 265.1 256.2 266.8
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.62 7.8 7.98 8.04 8.16 8.22 8.34 8.40
Stance Range (in) 18.43 - 23.15 18.43 - 23.15 19.43 - 24.15 19.43 - 24.15 19.43 - 24.15 20.43 - 25.15 20.43 - 25.15 20.43 - 25.15
Rider Weight (lbs) 100 - 150 110 - 165 115 - 170 150 - 220​+ 130 - 190 150 - 220​+ 150 - 220​+ 150 - 220​+

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