Rome Katana 2023 - Men's Snowboard Bindings

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2023 Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings

As versatile as it is sleek, the Katana is the binding of choice for riders who want lightweight performance from peak to park and back again. Built with the ultra-light, fully redesigned AsymWrap platform and upgraded impact absorption thanks to DuraCush™ on the SubBase pad and footbeds, the Katana is built to take speed, send-it deep and make any board ride better.


Flex RatingMedium to Medium - Stiff


30% Glass, 70% Nylon

AsymWrap Technology – The flex comes before the pop in this platform. With three points of heel hoop connection and Rome's UnderWrap concept at a single point on the medial side of the toe, the AsymWrap platform focuses on a smooth, flexible feel. This technology is for riders who like to surf freeride terrain and folks who like to tweak and play on freestyle features.

Canted Footbeds - These tilt your feet and therefore your knees inwards towards the center of your snowboard. This alleviates pressure on your knees and increase power transmission through your board. 

DuraCush™ - Duracush is an expanded thermoplastic polyurethane material, or E-TPU, used in Rome's SubBase pads and on footbeds to provide advanced chatter absorption and make our bindings as comfortable as possible. Because of its unique thermoexpansion molding process, DuraCush™ is hyper-resistant to cold temperatures, whereas traditional materials often stiffen and negatively impact riding on the days when it matters most. No matter the temperature, DuraCush™ maintains its impact absorption properties for chatter-free riding, more efficient energy transfer and an overall smoother ride.


15% Glass, 80% Nylon

AsymChannel Highback – Powerful glass filled Nylon with a line of coring for a responsive flex pattern.

Full Highback Rotation – Riders have the ability to rotate the highback so it aligns with the heel edge of their board. Being able to adjust the highback provides better power transfer, more tweakability and proper edge hold.

Highback Canting - Built so that riders can adjust the angle of their highback to mirror the angle of their lower leg for increased connection and stability.

Tool-Free Highback Forward Lean Adjuster


Proflex Ankle Strap - All-new and powered by AuxTech™, these are incredibly expandable, super-durable and provide superior locked-in hold.

AuxGrip Toe Strap – An futuristic injected toe strap that uses an auxetic pattern for unmatched hold and connected comfort.

AuxTech™ - Auxetic patterns are geometric patterns that become thicker perpendicularly when stretched. Think of them as a network of tiny hinges that when pressure is applied, actually expand and open. This creates a more direct connection to the boot.

PivotMount Max Technology – Just loosen a screw and snap the PivotMount's arm into different position arrangements to control whether you have a flexible, mid-range, or powerful toeside performance profile.


Fast Entry  Pre-curved ladders on the ankle and toe straps are designed to pop open and help keep the straps out of your way while getting your boot into the binding.

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