Spitfire Formula Four Classics 99A Skateboard Wheels

Size: 53mm
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Spitfire Formula Four Classics 99A Skateboard Wheels 

The Spitfire Classics have a timeless look and design. Classics are manufactured specifically unique to other wheels on the market. Each wheel is specially designed for speed and control no matter what size you ride. The 99a durometer creates a hard wheel that won't back down from rough landings, while the soft construction will ensure solid board feel and a comfortable landing. Classics are great for any terrain.

  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • Hardness: 99A
  • Surface: Smooth
  • Formula Four Urethane: Unmatched abrasion resistance for fewer flat spots. More controllable grip. Lasting speed no matter the terrain. Smooth anti-slick slide and a longer lasting size and shape.
  • Shape: Classic Shape - The original Spitfire wheel designed and shaped by the pros who ride them


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